Choose a Vendor That is Committed to Quality Product Production.

1. Product Consistency:

To see the best results for your dog treat business, your goods should maintain an overall congruity in shape, size, color, taste, texture, and odor throughout time. While it may be challenging to obtain all of these when dealing with the production of a natural product, a quality vendor WILL be able to provide you with the accuracy you need to present consistency to your customers. By choosing a supplier who maintains congruency with their dog treat products, you will be guaranteed to have happy returning customers who will trust your ability to deliver, every time.


2. Optimum Dehydration Process:

Keeping the freshness is a priority in this essential process of producing all-natural dog treats with many health benefits for our furry friends. If the right quality procedures are followed by your manufacturer, you will always have a product that is long-lasting, nutritious, low in odor, and won't crumble to the touch. Your customers, just like their pets, want a sturdy quality product that will last through the gnaws and chews.

3. Premium Sourcing:

Dogs naturally tend to chew on objects as an outlet to relieve frustration or soothe their minds. Having a vendor who uses the highest quality grass-fed animals will not only provide them with a long-lasting delicious treat but one that is healthy for them too. A great quality, single-ingredient, all-natural, high in protein, digestible pet treat will promote dental and joint health; so there is no doubt sourcing from a respectable expert will set you apart from your competitors and the results will speak for themselves.

4. Quality of Process:

There is a very important line of procedures that need to be taken into consideration when looking for a high-quality pet treat production. Natural dog treats consist of different parts coming from certain animals, and undergo a very meticulous process where the raw material is handled, received, and inspected. These treats also go through a vital dehydration process in which the products are placed in ovens for more than 10 hours. The trays, the heat source, and the airflow during the course of this process are key for preservation through the removal of moisture which decreases bacterial growth.

5. Packaging/Sealing:

In conjunction with the way dog treats are handled and processed, the packaging of these now dehydrated goods plays a massive role in the overall preservation and shelf life of the product. Though there are several methods to prevent bacterial growth during the packaging process, having a highly skilled staff to manage all the logistics and specifications is essential. A reliable vendor will handle all quality procedures in a controlled environment to ensure optimal results in each run of products.

Here at Zenta Pets, we incorporate all of these measures and more in order to prioritize and provide customer satisfaction and top quality with every order, because we know that with great products, comes great responsibility!