Guiding Your Customers to the Perfect Treats


As a savvy retailer in the pet industry, you understand the importance of providing top-notch service to your customers. One area where you can truly shine is in helping pet parents choose the perfect treats for their beloved dogs. After all, a happy pup means happy customers who are likely to return time and time again. Here are some expert tips to ensure you're assisting your customers in making the best treat selections for their furry friends.

First and foremost, know your products inside and out. Familiarize yourself with the ingredients and nutritional information of each treat you carry. This knowledge will allow you to confidently guide customers toward options that align with their dog's dietary needs and preferences.
Listen actively to your customers' concerns and preferences. Some dogs may have allergies or dietary restrictions, while others prefer certain flavors or textures. By asking the right questions and genuinely listening to your customers' responses, you can offer personalized recommendations tailored to each dog's unique needs.

Here are a few examples;

A 4-month-old puppy

It's essential to focus on treats that support his growth and development. Consider treats that can aid in teething, such as soft, chewy options that soothe sore gums. Below are excellent recommendations for young pups.

Chicken Bon Bons

Made from 100% South American chicken. Easy to digest, high in protein, and low in fat. No additives, fillers, hormones, chemicals, or preservatives. These treats are chicken sausage cut into bite-sized pieces.

Curly Bully Sticks

Good source of amino acids, known to support brain, body, and coat health. These long-lasting chews also promote healthy teeth and gums. They are easy to digest, high in protein, and low in fat. These chews are hand-wound to create the spring shape.


Jerky Wrapped Bully

This flavorful, long-lasting chew will give your dog great chewing fun. It's 100% beef jerky (gullet) wrapped around an all-natural beef pizzle. Great for high-energy chewers like puppies!


Aggressive Chewers

Prioritize durable, long-lasting treats that withstand intense gnawing, such as thick, natural chews. These options satisfy their urge to chew and promote dental health by cleaning teeth and reducing tartar build-up. Always choose size-appropriate treats to ensure safety and prevent choking hazards, enhancing the chewing experience for these power chewers.


Yak Cheese

Designed to be easy to digest and completely odorless, ensuring a comfortable experience for the consumer. It prevents plaque build-up, contributing to better oral health and hygiene.


Monster Braided

If you are looking for the ultimate, long-lasting durable treat, look no further! Our monster braided bully will do just the trick. This product was created with the toughest chewers in mind, and it offers three times the fun, protein, and chew time.


Pig Ears

High in protein and rich in Omega 3, with high concentrations of chondroitin and glucosamine for healthy joints. These ears are jumbo-sized without the medallions.

Offer a variety of options to cater to different preferences and dietary requirements. Having a diverse selection ensures that every dog can find something they love.


Senior Dogs

You'll want to prioritize treats that cater to their changing nutritional needs. Look for options to help maintain their weight and prevent age-related health issues. Below are excellent recommendations for senior dogs.

Cheek Chips

These cheek chips are slowly baked to perfection. They're very spongy, contain a creamy white color, and are full of pawmazing flavor. It's an excellent treat for ALL chewers to entertain them while helping to scrub off tartar and plaque from their teeth.


Gullet Sticks

Naturally consistent in shape and available in 3 lengths. This premium-quality 100% real beef treat has a texture similar to jerky and is high in protein.


Cow Tails

Our fully digestible premium Cow Tails are sourced from premium-quality beef and have a low odor, a quality many consumers appreciate. This all-natural, single-ingredient chew is an ideal high-protein treat that is great for a canine's dental health.


“My dog is very picky and usually doesn’t like treats

For the dogs who turn their nose up at most treats, it's all about finding options that tantalize their taste buds. Opt for treats with irresistible flavors and aromas to entice their discerning palate. Soft, chewy treats with a strong scent are often a hit with picky pups.

Imagine your discerning pup turning its nose up at most treats. In this scenario, Zenta Pets comes to the rescue. Our single-ingredient treats and chews cater to their selective palate. Picture offering them our premium chicken jerky, rich in protein for muscle health and chewy for dental care. Enhance their snack time with our dusted cow ears, promoting joint health with added flavor. Introduce our beef trachea tubes packed with joint-supporting glucosamine and chondroitin for an extra boost. With each bite, they indulge in natural goodness, ensuring both satisfaction and well-being in their daily lifestyle.

Chicken Jerky

Chicken Jerky is a protein-rich snack that satisfies dogs' natural cravings while providing essential nutrients for muscle development and overall health. Its chewy texture also helps promote dental health by reducing plaque build-up and strengthening gums through chewing.

Dusted Cow Ears

Natural and full of chondroitin, which promotes good joint health. Easy to digest, high in protein, and low in fat. There are no additives, fillers, hormones, chemicals, or preservatives. They are bully dusted for additional flavor dogs love!

Trachea Tube

Beef trachea tubes are an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin, essential for maintaining healthy joints and supporting mobility in dogs. They also provide a natural, satisfying chew that can help reduce dental plaque and keep a dog's teeth clean.



“My dog has a SUPER sensitive stomach.”

These dogs often experience digestive issues. It's crucial to select treats that are gentle on their stomachs. Look for options made with limited, easily digestible ingredients, free from common allergens like wheat, corn, and soy, like all of ours!

At Zenta Pets, we understand the importance of gentle ingredients. Our Pig Snouts offer a protein-rich alternative to traditional beef treats, perfect for dogs with delicate stomachs. Not only are they 100% digestible, but they also aid in dental health by removing plaque and tartar naturally. Similarly, our Tendon Sticks, high in collagen and nutrients, promote body and coat health while being gentle on sensitive stomachs. And for those looking for a rawhide alternative, our Beef Cheek Rolls provide a flavorful, digestible chew that supports dental health and overall well-being. Treat your sensitive pup to gentle delights that nourish and satisfy without upsetting their stomach.


Pig Snouts

Excellent protein source for customers looking for an alternative to traditional beef treats. They are great for small and big dogs alike. Pig Snouts naturally help to improve a dog's dental health by removing plaque and tartar while also being 100% digestible.


Tendon Sticks

These thin tendons have an uneven texture that helps promote healthy teeth and gums. We love this treat because it is high in collagen and nutrients, assisting body and coat health. It chews quickly for a fast and rewarding chewing experience and is great for light and medium chewers.


Cheek Rolls

A Rawhide alternative, Beef cheek rolls offer dogs a flavorful and satisfying chew that promotes dental health by aiding in plaque removal and strengthening jaw muscles. Additionally, they provide a natural source of protein and essential nutrients, contributing to overall well-being and vitality in dogs.



Educate your customers on the importance of portion control and moderation. While treats are a great way to reward good behavior or bond with your dog, overindulgence can lead to weight gain and other health issues. Encourage your customers to incorporate natural treats into their dog's diet responsibly.
Lastly, remember the importance of quality. Stock your shelves with treats from reputable brands known for their high-quality ingredients and rigorous safety standards. By prioritizing quality, you can instill confidence in your customers and ensure they provide only the best for their furry companions.

Following these tips and providing exceptional customer service can help your customers feel confident in their treat selections and strengthen their bond with their canine companions. Happy dogs mean happy customers and happy customers mean a thriving business. The vast array of dog treats and chews available in today's market can be overwhelming. However, by familiarizing yourself with the characteristics and advantages of each treat, you'll be better prepared to address your customers' inquiries and guide them in selecting the ideal chew for their dog!

At Zenta Pets, we're more than treat manufacturers – we're pet lovers dedicated to ensuring that every furry friend receives the best care and nutrition. Our treats are crafted with all-natural ingredients, free from artificial additives, colors, and preservatives, to provide a wholesome and delicious option for your customers' pets.

Our commitment doesn't stop there. We understand that choosing the proper treats for their stores can be overwhelming. That's why we offer personalized wholesale guidance and support to help them make informed decisions. Our knowledgeable team is always available to answer questions, provide recommendations, and share insights on the benefits of our products.

By partnering with Zenta by partnering with Zenta Pets, you're not just stocking your shelves with treats – you're providing your customers with peace of mind, knowing they're choosing treats that prioritize their pets' health and well-being. Join us in our mission to make every tail wag with joy!