Treats and Chews. The differences and similarities

The vast variety of treats and chews on the market can be overwhelming. There are dozens of animal proteins used to make these products, sourced from around the world, and thousands of different treats and chews made from them. "Single Ingredient" and "100% Natural" products are what Zenta Pets specializes in, and even within this specific niche, there are hundreds of options. Understanding more about these two main categories (treats and chews) and their nuances is key when making purchasing decisions.


What's the difference between treats and chews?

Both treats and chews offer great nutritional value and many other dietary benefits. In general, treats are mainly used for training or rewarding purposes or to show some love to your pup. Chews have longer-lasting qualities to help entertain, stimulate, and promote, among other things, healthy teeth and gums.


Are animal parts treats or chews?

Animal Parts have characteristics that fall under both treats and chews. But don't be fooled; in some cases, defining if a product is a treat or a chew is more challenging than it sounds. Some products, like Beef Jerky (Gullet), are both a treat and a chew at the same time. Jerky allows our furry friends to get a treat that provides delicious instant gratification with a chew that is nutritious, entertaining, and stimulating. Most of the products we sell at Zenta Pets fall under the “chews” category. We also produce high-quality treats. Our products are always 100% natural and single-ingredient, which we are known for.


Here are a couple of examples:


Beef Lung ChunksCheek ChipsBon BonsSausages and Burgers, and Jerky treats.


Bully Stick, Yak Chews, Cheek Rolls, Tracheas, Tendons. 

What is the right way to properly promote treats and chews?

As a reseller, focus on the dog and ask if there are any specific results the buyer wants to pursue, then consider the following factors:

  • Purpose: Is the purpose to provide a long-lasting chewing experience, quick treat, or reward?
  • Health and Age of the Dog: Consider the dog's age. Typically, puppies and senior dogs enjoy softer and crunchier chews/ treats. Whereas adult dogs enjoy gnawing on harder and longer-lasting chews/ treats.
  • Chewing Style: Some dogs are more aggressive chewers. If that is the case, harder chews are best to engage and entertain the dog. At the same time, light chewers prefer softer and crunchier chews.
  • Dental Health: Chews are a better option for dental health since they help promote healthy, clean teeth and massage the gums.

These are the top sellers in each category for Zenta Pets:


Chicken Feet, Pig Heart Jerky, Beef Lung Chunks, Sausages and Burgers


Bully Sticks Standard, Monster and Mega Monster Bully Sticks, Pig Ears, and Braided Bully Sticks all sizes.


Lesser known Treats and Chews

Understanding known and lesser-known products is vital to educating the consumer. In many cases, there are great options that are both more nutritious and cost-effective than popular products people search for. Here are some examples of lesser-known products we offer at Zenta with excellent attributes.

  • Chew: Low Odor Beef Bladder Sticks are very nutritious, and their palatability is fantastic. They are high in protein and low in fat while providing a natural source of essential minerals.
  • Treat: Cow Tails are easy to digest, ideal for sensitive stomachs, and help promote healthy joint cartilage.

At Zenta Pets, "we believe dogs should be fed products that are fun, nutritious, and healthy." The "Single-ingredient" and "100% natural" treats and chews that we produce are, simply put, the surest way to guarantee fun, good nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle for our furry friends.

Having a good understanding of the difference between treats and chews is vital for anyone in this industry. A good rule we follow when asked for product recommendations is for people to search for products NOT only for their functional benefits but also for their nutritional attributes. Feeding a treat that has a chewing component attached to it is always the best way to go, no doubt about it.