Beef Tendons 101

Left to right: Tendon Stick, Thin Tendon, Standard Tendon, Turbo Tendon, Jumbo Tendon, and King Tendon on the top


Long, Short, Thick, Thin, Meaty, Extra Meaty, Turbo, King, Braided, Flat, Stick …you name it, we have them all. Our Beef Tendons line is BIG; our customers love them, and our tendons are always flying off the shelves….We can’t produce enough !

Why do we love these treats?

Beef Tendons are a highly versatile natural treat. They are tasty, crunchy, medium to long lasting, full of flavor, very rich in valuable proteins, naturally low in fat, they are very nutritious and loaded with health benefits. These Beef Tendons provide elasticity and hydration to a dog’s skin and fur and are a great source of collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin which helps to keep their joints strong and flexible as well as support bones.

The beef taste of tendon chews is a hit with most chewers, including pickier dogs. Simply put, Beef Tendons are a Super Treat that benefits our furry friends' nose-to-tail health.

Our line of Beef Tendons is super adaptable to small dogs, as well as big dogs and heavy chewers. Some of these products, like the Turbo Tendon, the Jumbo Tendon, or the King Tendons, allow our customers to maintain Customer Retention by having items that their competitors can’t easily access. At Zenta Pets we put a lot of effort on customer retention, by focusing on generating that uniqueness that gives our customers an edge in the market over their competitors.  

How do we make them?

Tendons are pieces of connective tissue that holds muscle to bone. The size of these tendons depends not only on the specific function they perform, but also on the age and size of the animals, and this is also related to the origin region of the raw material that is going to be used.

In order to maintain the freshness that is characteristic to all Zenta Pets treats, we make sure that very little to no time passes between production stages. The Beef Tendons production flow starts when we receive the raw material at our manufacturing facilities, and after proper quality control, the product is placed in controlled temperature water containers that will allow us to maintain cold chain temperatures prior and during the trimming process.

The trimming stage is a key element when making these high quality tendons, and “how much” material we take off the tendons and how qualified our specialists are during this stage, will have direct effects on the quality of the final product. There are several factors to take into consideration during this process, as making dehydrated animal parts is a very “artisanal process”; and 100% our treats are handcrafted, one by one, by our very skilled employees. Cheers to them! We are very proud.

After being trimmed and sorted according to length and thickness, the dehydration process can be organized and planned. These amazing treats will be up to 3 days in the oven, starting at very low temperatures to ensure uniformity and good dehydration quality. For the smoky flavors we add a bit of natural hickory wood to our ovens during the final stage of dehydration.

After the dehydration stage, the tendons will be placed for half a day in a cool temp room. The process then follows with hand inspection, bagging, and boxing under FDA, USDA, and local sanitary authorities regulations.

We hope you like this article. Our goal is to share and educate our customers one treat at a time.

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