Zenta Pets partners with local farmers and slaughterhouses near our strategically located manufacturing plants. We make sure our sourcing is 100% natural and ethical, meaning; free-range, grass-fed, free of antibiotics, and free of hormones.


At our factories, we follow the strictest protocols during the "prep-stage" to ensure the highest levels of sanitary and quality control so your business always gets premium quality products. In this vital stage, our most skilled experts put their craftsmanship talents to work by producing a thoroughly cleaned and trimmed product with uniformity which makes for a great natural dog treat products. Our specialists take standards to the next level by excluding the use of any harmful additives, or chemicals during this cleaning process.


This "dehydration stage" requires an equal amount of attention and craftsmanship skills. After the raw materials have been properly washed, the product is carefully moved between several low-temperature ovens, where they can stay up to 2-3 days. All manufactured products are handled accordingly to their specific needs; taking into consideration temperature, humidity, time, and weather, just like an old fashioned boutique bakery. This precise process requires our specialists to act efficiently when transferring each of the products throughout the different ovens. The purpose of doing this with careful timing and temperature coordination for each of the family of products is to ensure that the finished products can be delivered at 100% of their quality potential.


At this point, our treats are sorted by shape, size, color, texture, and odor for consistency. Depending on the service your business requires, (contract manufacturing, co-packing, private label, bulk order), treats are packaged accordingly and made ready for shipment.

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