5 must have products to explore

Monster Treats

These treats need no introduction! It’s all in the name; Monster Bully Braids, Mega Monster Bully, these are all time favorites. For both serious chewers and small dogs alike. Small dogs have just as much fun eating Huge Treats, they just take more time to go through the treat. These oversized delights are an excellent option for all sizes and breeds of dogs.

Basically,  this category applies to everything that is heavier than 120 grams per piece in 12” or 60 grams for the 6” treats. These bullys are super thick, heavy, and of course overall high quality. The latest addition to this “oversized” group are the Braids, you can find them in our “New Treats'' section. They are always rating amongst our best sellers.

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Beef Cheek Treats

Sponginess and softness at its best! These treats deliver a spectacular chewing experience, and there is nothing better to clean teeth and remove tartar. Our beef cheek treats come in different shapes and sizes, from “cookie” or “squared” shaped Beef Cheek Chips to big Beef Cheek Rolls in 6” and 10” options. These are definitely a favorite of our customers. Beef Cheek Treats are currently on special for 20-25% off; you can find them in our “Deals” section.

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Beef Lung Cubes

Super soft, very tasty, and the perfect size for training and rewarding, these Beef Lung Cubes get all the applause every time they are given. 

Made out of 100% human grade beef, each piece is approx 1” x 1”. Our beef lung cubes are high in protein, crunchy, with a substantial meaty flavor.

Looking for a crunchy delight dogs will love? These are it.

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Pig Snouts

Our perfectly refined pig snouts are made in small batches at our bakeries to ensure nothing but the best craftsmanship …. it doesn’t get any better. They are fun, engaging, crunchy, tasty and a perfect treat for all chewers. These really are an ‘all-purpose’ treat, for all breeds and sizes of dogs.

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Pig Pizzle

Perfect for small sized dogs; super tasty, perfect grab and go treat. At an unbeatable price point per stick, these are a great option as an alternative to larger beef bully products and after all, what dog doesn’t love pork products? We make them in 3 presentations, Curly, Stick, and Braided.

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