The Zenta Pets Insider / AUGUST Edition


What's New


What's in the Oven

Beef Tendons JUMBO and KING size are “cooking”. We keep expanding our line by adding the meatiest tendons we have ever made. These Super Treats are a great source of collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin which helps to keep dog’s joints strong and flexible as well as support their for them, coming soon on Zenta Pets website!

Some news at Zenta

  • Flag tags, new labels, and individually wrapped treats are coming soon. Be sure to watch for them.

  • We are setting up a "small batch" oven in one of our USA facilities. This will allow us to make small runs of "special products" and testing more often. This means tons of innovation and loads of NEW stuff all the time.

  • Sample of the month" for all August orders  will be Beef Cheek Chips . As always we would love your feedback. 

  • Zenta Pets packaging is getting a new look. Watch for our very YELLOW, new Zenta Pets TAPE on all boxes shipped out. We hope you like it, we love it.

  • Recently we updated our “shop all” section, and a new and improved website front page is live ! Our GOAL is to make your life easier when navigating and purchasing. Suggestions are more than welcome, please email us at