The Monsters of all Treats


At Zenta Pets, we get a lot of questions when it comes to our Monster Treats - after all, if you've dipped your toe into this category, you'll know that they aren’t the kind of treats you see everyday.

So for those who want to be “in-the-know”, here’s a “need-to-know” about these Monsters.

What's the deal with Monster Treats?

Monster Treats are our biggest treats, meaning they don't get bigger than that. They are usually made using raw materials from bigger animals, older animals, and/or special breeds that have that particularly extra sized parts. The main distinction between a regular sized treat and a Monster sized treat is the thickness, length, or overall size also weighing in.

How do we make them?

There is no big secret in the production of oversized treats. The sourcing of raw material is obviously key in this process, and the cleaning of the treats and oven time both have to be very accurate in order to ensure outstanding quality of the final product; rushing any of these processes can ruin the product, as bigger treats need patience and time. Big treats can hold more moisture, so proper storage and attention to detail during the entire process is extremely important.

Are these Monster Treats reserved ONLY for Big Dogs?

Not at all. Though many people associate big dogs and heavy chewers with these types of treats, the truth is that it depends on the specific situation. Small dogs have just as much fun eating Huge Treats, they just take more time to go through the treat. The main benefit for a smaller dog, besides the usual benefits, is the elevation of stimulation needed to figure out how to get through the treat, which is a very positive and healthy activity.

Big treats are attention grabbers...

Having big treats on a shelf is a magnet for business, as customers are always looking for things that stand out, and are great conversation starters. Also, people love exotic and different things, and these treats are just that, true show stoppers. 

Are Monster Treats harder to chew on ?

This is a common misconception; Monster Treats are usually NOT harder to chew on. The material and consistency is the same as the smaller version of that specific treat, the only thing that is different is the overall size and weight, which is bigger and heftier.

How to store them for multiple chewing days?

Most Small Dogs won’t finish a Huge Treat all at once, that's common. A good idea on how to store these Monsters in between “chewing sessions” is to place them in a bag and freeze them, or put them in the refrigerator; this will keep the treat freshness for as long as needed.

These oversized delights are an excellent option not only for all sizes of dogs, but also for re-sellers wanting to make a great impression on the shelves and attract more customers.

You can find all the links to our Monster Treats below. Feel free to email or call us anytime to learn more about Zenta Pets products and why we are simply a great choice when buying dog treats.


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